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blue balance® Vitamin D Test - Determine your vitamin D value and prevent a deficiency at an early stage

blue balance® Vitamin D Test - Determine your vitamin D value and prevent a deficiency at an early stage

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One in three Germans suffers from a vitamin D deficiency, which can have a negative impact on nerves, the immune system and muscle function. Our vitamin D test helps you ensure that your vitamin D levels are optimal.

You will receive your test result within 6 working days and can see at first glance whether your mirror is at the correct level or whether there is a defect. With this precise analysis, you can take targeted measures to optimize your vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is of great importance for strong bones, healthy teeth and proper muscle function. In addition, it plays an important role in a well-functioning immune system and is associated with the prevention of various diseases. While other vitamins and minerals are absorbed through food, the sun is the main source of vitamin D. In Germany, around one in three people struggle with this. People are particularly at risk at the end of winter. Between May and October the sun is strong enough and the skin can produce sufficient vitamin D. In winter, the effect of sunlight is less pronounced and since it is not possible to get the daily recommended amount of vitamin D through food, everyone is at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency in the winter period.

Insight into your vitamin D levels with the blue balance® Vitamin D Check

  • Test from the comfort of your own home
  • Test provides information about vitamin D deficiency
  • Result within 6 working days of sample receipt
  • Result is validated by a biochemist
  • Personal lifestyle advice based on the results

For which symptoms does it make sense to test vitamin D?

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to the following symptoms

  • fatigue
  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • listlessness
  • Hypersensitive or bleeding gums
  • Cramps or muscle tremors

How does the vitamin D self-test work?

Do you know the symptoms and symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency? Then you have probably become aware of your vitamin D. With a vitamin D self-test you can immediately find out how much vitamin D is present in your body.

This blood test is a self-test that you can easily do at home with a prick of your finger. The sample is then examined in an ISO15189 certified European laboratory. After six working days you will receive the result with all the information about vitamin D and some specific recommendations on how you can improve your vitamin D levels or keep them at a good level.

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