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blue balance® Vitamin B12 Holo-TC Test - Check active vitamin B12 levels

blue balance® Vitamin B12 Holo-TC Test - Check active vitamin B12 levels

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The blue balance®Vitamin B12 Holo TC Test is a high-quality product that helps you check your active vitamin B12 levels. Active vitamin B12 is the amount of vitamin B12 that your body can use immediately. Adequate supply of active vitamin B12 is crucial to avoid low levels or even deficiency.

It often happens that the total B12 level in the blood is still sufficient, while the active B12 value can already indicate a deficiency. To be on the safe side and identify possible deficiencies at an early stage, the Vitamin B12 Holo TC test offers a simple solution.

If you suspect a vitamin B12 deficiency or just want to check your current status, then this test is the ideal choice for you. With the active vitamin B12 Holo-TC test you can quickly and conveniently determine your active vitamin B12 level.

Using the test is simple and straightforward. Within a short period of time, you will receive precise results that provide you with information about your current active vitamin B12 level. This means you can take action in good time if necessary and optimally support your body.

Analysis of your active vitamin B12 with the Holo-TC test (blood test) -
blue balance® Holo B12 Check

  • Test from the comfort of your own home
  • Test for active vitamin B12 status
  • Clear and understandable results 
  • Result within 6 working days of sample receipt
  • ISO15189 certified European laboratory
  • Validated by clinical biochemist and physician

Common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency:
Concentration problems, nerve problems, headaches, fatigue

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