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blue balance

blue balance - Vitamin C and rose hip: Ultimate immune defense & energy.

blue balance - Vitamin C and rose hip: Ultimate immune defense & energy.

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The blue balance® Vitamin C 1000 mg + rose hip capsules are your reliable source for daily vitality and strong immune defense.

Discover the comprehensive strength of blue balance® Vitamin C 1000 mg + rose hip, the ideal dietary supplement, tested and with a positive rating from BfR Germany. These vegan capsules are specially developed to support people in their daily diet and to provide the body with important nutrients. Each capsule contains a potent combination of vitamin C and rosehip - two essential substances that help reduce tiredness and fatigue, thereby promoting your well-being.

Vitamin C is known to strengthen the immune system, while rosehip is a rich source of minerals and other vitamins that are rarely found in such concentrated form in foods.

By using blue balance®, you supplement your diet with high-quality nutritional supplements that make it easier to absorb important nutrients into your diet and contribute to the body's overall performance. Following the recommended daily intake ensures you get exactly the right amount of vitamins and substances to support your health goals. Whether you are looking for a supplement to the foods you already consume or need a specific solution for your body's needs - with the products from blue balance® and ETH-Meditec you are always making a safe choice.

With a powerful dose of 1000 mg of vitamin C per capsule, you strengthen your immune system and effectively protect your body cells from harmful free radicals.

Our formula is designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue and provide you with energy throughout the day. With the additional natural power of rose hips, which works in synergy with the high vitamin C content, you receive optimal support to improve your energy balance and strengthen your immune system.

Our blue balance® vitamin C 1000 mg + rose hip capsules are 100% vegan and free of unnecessary additives.

We recommend taking one capsule daily with enough liquid to achieve the best effect - the stated daily dosage should not be exceeded. Invest in your health and get the best out of your body - every day with blue balance®.

The power formula in detail: Properties of Blue Balance® Vitamin C 1000 mg + rose hip.

✔️ Vitamin C with 1000 mg per capsule for optimal immune support

✔️ Protection against free radicals and strengthening of the immune system

✔️ Reduces tiredness and fatigue for more daily energy

✔️ Contains rosehip extract to support energy metabolism

✔️ Formulation is 100% 🌱vegan - for a plant-based diet

✔️ Easy to take with just one capsule a day

✔️ Carefully selected ingredients without unnecessary fillers and separating agents

✔️ Recommended daily dose for maximum efficiency and safety

Health in focus: Areas of application of Blue Balance® Vitamin C 1000 mg + rose hip.

✔️ Ideal for a daily nutritional supplement to strengthen the immune system

✔️ Important contribution to protecting the body's cells from oxidative stress

✔️ Energy boost for people who often feel tired or exhausted

✔️ Suitable for vegans and vegetarians with a high dose of vitamin C source

✔️ Suitable for the change of season when the immune system is challenged

✔️ For everyone who loves natural and purely herbal products.

Boost your defenses and energy levels with blue balance® Vitamin C 1000 mg + rose hip! A simple step for a strong immune system and vitality all day long. 100% vegan and specially developed for you - order now and give your body the support it deserves!

Note: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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