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blue balance

blue balance - Vitamin D3 - Germany's choice for maintaining normal body function!

blue balance - Vitamin D3 - Germany's choice for maintaining normal body function!

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The powerful formula of blue balance Vitamin D3 EXTRA 2500 IU combines science and nature to support your nutrition and health - developed here in Germany for daily nutritional supplementation.

The 90 vegan capsules are a reliable source of vitamin D3, the so-called "sunshine vitamin", which plays a key role in the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of bones and teeth. Our product is an essential supplement, especially in life phases and circumstances where food and sun alone are not enough to meet vitamin D needs. blue balance stands for products that help your body use calcium optimally and thus contribute to your holistic health.

Your blue balance vitamin D3 profile: Robust immune system & strong bones

✔️ Recommended: 2500 IU to support normal body functions

✔️ 90 vegan capsules: 3 months supply of high-quality vitamin D3

✔️ 100% vegan production: no animal ingredients

✔️ Perfect for vegan diets

✔️ Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system

✔️ Promotes the maintenance of normal bone density and dental health

✔️ Calcium utilization: The absorption and utilization of calcium

✔️ Made in Germany: High quality according to German quality standards

✔️ Defies the sun: Ideal for low sunlight exposure, e.g. in winter

✔️ Free from additives: No dyes, fillers or preservatives

Your blue balance vitamin D3 uses: Natural vitality and well-being through the powerhouse from the sun.

✔️ Supplements the normal diet with low intake of vitamin D-rich foods

✔️Food or insufficient sun exposure

✔️ Stability for calcium and phosphorus homeostasis in the body

✔️ Particularly suitable for vegetarians and vegans

✔️ Maintaining normal muscle function, especially with an active lifestyle

✔️ Nutritional supplement to ensure optimal vitamin D levels

Discover the secret of a strengthened immune system and strong bones with our vegan blue balance vitamin D3. Take your health into your own hands. Click here to order your blue balance vitamin D3 capsules and take the step towards a more vital you!

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