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blue balance® TSH test - for optimal thyroid function and energy metabolism

blue balance® TSH test - for optimal thyroid function and energy metabolism

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Discover the TSH test from blue balance® - the ultimate tool to check your thyroid function and get your metabolism going! We all know how important a healthy thyroid is for our energy levels. When it doesn't produce enough hormones, we can feel sluggish and lacking in energy. But an overactive thyroid can also lead to problems such as constant restlessness and unexplained weight loss.

This is exactly where our TSH test comes into play. This innovative test measures the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in your blood and gives you information about the function of your thyroid. With just a simple blood test, you can gain valuable information about whether your thyroid is working optimally or whether there may be signs of dysfunction.

The blue balance TSH test is characterized by its precision and accuracy. Our advanced technology allows you to get reliable results in the shortest possible time. No more lengthy visits to the doctor or expensive laboratory tests - our TSH test offers you the opportunity to check your thyroid function from the comfort of your own home.

  • Measures the amount of the hormone TSH in the blood
  • Comprehensible and clear result
  • Results within 6 working days
  • Validated by clinical biochemist and physician
  • ISO15189 certified European laboratory

Common Symptoms of Thyroid Disease:

Weight problems, restlessness, dry skin, irritability

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