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blue balance® DNA Test - Complete, 62 DNA lifestyle components

blue balance® DNA Test - Complete, 62 DNA lifestyle components

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Insights into your health with the blue balance® DNA test Nutri-Gene Pro
Genetic analysis for the optimal lifestyle

  • 62 DNA lifestyle components
  • Simple sampling via cheek swab
  • ISO17025 certified European laboratory
  • Clear and useful results
  • Individual recommendations
Product information

Not many people immediately think of DNA when they talk about health. That's a shame, because the latest research into DNA and lifestyle as it relates to health provides a lot of useful information. Traits that ensure good health are largely genetic data embedded in our DNA. The environment or lifestyle, such as diet, sleep and exercise, also play a role. What role does that play for you? The Nutri-Gene pro DNA lifestyle test specifically looks for the health aspects in your genes that can be influenced by your lifestyle. This gives you an answer to the question: “What is a healthy lifestyle and diet specifically for me?”.

Your genes therefore contain a lot of useful information that you can use to improve your lifestyle and health. Genetic data also explains differences between people in areas such as nutrition, exercise, biological aging and metabolism.

The Nutri-Gene pro DNA lifestyle test is one of the most comprehensive DNA analyzes available on the market. This genetic test gives you insight into 62 different lifestyle components and shows you how your body works. The Nutri-Gene pro DNA test results booklet combines your predisposition information with personal genetic advice and relevant scientific background.

"In concrete terms, this means, for example, that a diet rich in protein and fiber helps to lose weight if someone has the genetic predisposition to gain weight quickly by consuming carbohydrates."

Once you have insight into your genetic strengths and opportunities for improvement, you can adjust your lifestyle and diet to optimize your health.

The topics of the DNA test Nutri-Gene Pro

The above example highlights the connection between predisposition, lifestyle and healthy weight, one of the topics in DNA testing health and lifestyle research. Thanks to the latest discoveries in the field of genetics, many more relationships can be established. The following overview shows the 11 main categories of analysis. The number of examinations per main category is given in brackets. FYI: Two of the 11 main categories are also discussed in more detail below.

  • Ideal body weight (8 topics)
  • Metabolism (4 topics)
  • Vitamins (5 topics)
  • Minerals (5 topics)
  • Heart and blood vessels (5 topics)
  • Biological aging (5 topics)
  • Eating habits (4 topics)
  • Sports (12 topics)
  • Cholesterol (4 topics)
  • Detoxification (4 topics)
  • Rejuvenation (6 topics)

Take for example one of the main topics: vitamins

Everyone knows that it is important to eat enough fruits and vegetables. However, vitamin deficiencies still occur regularly, e.g. B. due to reduced absorption. A DNA test determines which vitamins you have an increased need for. With this knowledge, you will know exactly which foods you can add to your daily serving of fruits and vegetables to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Information on the main topic of cholesterol can also be very useful for you.

Healthy cholesterol levels are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease

There are different types of cholesterol, the good HDL cholesterol, which you should have enough of, and the bad LDL cholesterol, which you should have less of. The latest findings in the field of genetic predisposition show that in some people, bad cholesterol increases after eating certain foods. Certain foods can also help it sink. DNA research can help you figure out which foods can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

What can you do with the results of a DNA health test?

You will receive your personal result in a comprehensive results book, digitally or in printed form if desired. In this booklet, your results are combined with information about predisposition, lifestyle and relevant scientific background in the field of DNA. So that it does not become a theoretical story, all this information is aimed at making personal recommendations that are tangible for you. With these recommendations, you can easily adjust your lifestyle for better health if necessary. You can then use blue balance's blood tests to check whether these changes are having the desired effect.

In short, in the results booklet your results are translated into concrete insights with which you can work directly and preventively on your health.

This is how DNA testing works

The Nutri-Gene pro DNA lifestyle test is a self-test that you can do quickly and easily at home. After ordering, you will receive the DNA test kit sent to your home. All you have to do is take a sample of your saliva with a cotton swab and send it back to us in the return envelope. Your sample will be examined in a certified European laboratory to obtain a reliable result. Four weeks after submitting your sample, you will receive the results in a clearly worded digital report and can start optimizing your health immediately. Would you prefer to receive a printed magazine? Please specify this when ordering.


When you think of DNA analysis, you might immediately think of research into hereditary diseases with sensitive data. Therefore, we would like to expressly point out once again that this test only deals with the genetic data, which gives you information about useful lifestyle decisions and the sports and nutrition tips based on them, i.e. everything that is under your direct influence.

The result

The result of your Nutri-Gene DNA test

The result of the DNA lifestyle test will help you make personal decisions. In our human genetics laboratory, we do not examine your DNA for diseases, but rather for genes that say, for example, what a healthy diet is for you based on your genetic data. We want to personally help you optimize your nutrition, recovery and exercise. Get to know your life code, your DNA better. Understand your advantageous and disadvantageous genes and get practical exercise and nutrition tips on how to adapt your lifestyle to your DNA. Have you tried everything to reduce your weight? With the right knowledge of your genetic data, individual weight loss is possible. Do you want to improve your sport, relaxation and energy levels? Your DNA results are always up to date, ideal for picking up the booklet provided even after a long time.

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Erschließen Sie mit ETH Meditec Ihre ideale Ernährungsstrategie - ohne Unsicherheiten!

Unser genbasierter Ansatz enthüllt Ihre Neigung zu Übergewicht, dominierende Sättigungssignale und die Effizienz Ihres Fettstoffwechsels durch fundierte genetische Daten. Wir schöpfen aus der Wissenschaft hinter metabolischen Markern, um Ihnen eine Diät zu bieten, die genetisch auf Sie abgestimmt ist.

Nutzen Sie die Leichtigkeit des blue balance DNA-Gentests von zu Hause aus – ein einfacher Speicheltest gibt Ihnen Einblick in sechs Hauptgene, die Ihr Gewichtsmanagement und die Stoffwechselvorgänge beeinflussen. Identifizieren Sie Ernährung und Bewegung, die optimal zu Ihrem genetischen Profil passen.

Personalisierte Ernährung durch genetische Einblicke:

Ihre einzigartigen genetischen Merkmale erfordern maßgeschneiderte Antworten. Die Ergebnisse unseres Stoffwechsel Tests dienen als Grundlage, um Ihren Ernährungsplan und Ihr Fitnessprogramm auf Ihre genetischen Gegebenheiten abzustimmen.

DNA-basierter Lebensstilreport von ETH Meditec:

Zugänglich per ETH Meditec-Kundenkonto oder -App, bietet der Report des Stoffwechsel-Tests Einsicht in genetische Faktoren, die mit Übergewicht korrelieren. Praktische und wissenschaftsbasierte Ratschläge begleiten Sie auf dem Weg zu einem gesünderen Lebensstil.