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Grape seed extract - OPC Plus

Grape seed extract - OPC Plus

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Experience the power of OPC from grape seed extract with our high-quality dietary supplements.

It has now been proven many times that secondary plant substances in red grapes or red wine can positively support health. These good antioxidants help maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.

Product description

A subgroup of polyhenols has proven to be very effective and has become known as OPC. OPC (oligomeric proanthocynaidins) are mainly found in the skins and seeds of red grapes, and are also found in small concentrations in almost all plants.
OPC cannot be produced by the human body itself and must therefore be absorbed through food. OPC overcomes the blood-brain barrier and can therefore have a cell-protecting effect down to the smallest blood vessels in our brain.

Grape seed extract -OPC:
• a powerful antioxidant with cell-protecting effects
• Promotes normal blood vessel health and can therefore help reduce heart and circulatory diseases
• Supports blood circulation throughout the body down to the smallest capillaries

OPC Plus - fountain of youth and source of health
OPC stands for “oligomeric proanthocyanidins”. OPC is mainly found in the seeds and skins of red grapes. It has enormous vascular protective properties and is currently the most powerful natural antioxidant. OPC cannot be produced by the human body itself and must therefore be obtained through food. Precisely because optimal nutrition cannot always be integrated into everyday life or the body is particularly stressed in some situations, supplementing your diet with OPC Plus from viovia can make sense.

OPC is important for:
• an antioxidant activity (cell-protecting effect)
• supporting blood vessel health

• optimal blood circulation throughout the body, down to the smallest capillaries

The unique antioxidant power of OPC is particularly impressive. Since free radicals can arise in most metabolic processes and cause severe damage to cells, this is exactly where antioxidants are needed. The antioxidants are able to intercept free radicals and neutralize them. OPC can neutralize a range of free radicals like no other substance.
This also provides a plausible explanation why OPC can be used so successfully for various complaints. It is able to reduce tissue damage, promote blood vessel regeneration and improve blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels. Within minutes, OPC is completely absorbed into the blood and reaches every organ and every tissue component. Even the skin and brain experience the cell-protecting effect down to the smallest blood vessels.

Why OPC Plus
OPC always occurs in nature in combination with natural vitamin C. To support this synergistic effect, we have added the natural vitamin C from acerola cherries to our formulation. Another special feature is the addition of vitamin E, which further enhances the antioxidant effect. This increases the effect of OPC and increases the activity of vitamins C and E tenfold.

For our OPC Plus we use a special extract rich in polyphenols. Each capsule therefore contains 200 mg of valuable polyphenols, of which 190 mg is OPC.

Quality product according to the highest German standards

Nutritional Information


Grape seed extract (70% OPC), acerola extract,

Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable

Capsule shell), rich in bioflavonoids

Fruit extract, D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate.

Recommended consumption

1 capsule as a dietary supplement with plenty of water
(we recommend at least 0.2 l of still water).
Preferably half an hour before meals.
The stated recommended daily consumption amount
must not be crossed.
Make sure you have a balanced and varied diet
and healthy lifestyle. Out of range
keep away from small children.

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