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Naturtreu Sonnenfreund Vitamin D3 1000 IU 30 ml

Naturtreu Sonnenfreund Vitamin D3 1000 IU 30 ml

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Vitamin D and K are fat-soluble vitamins that can only be absorbed by the intestine together with fat. Vitamin D contributes to normal immune system function and cell division. It is also involved in maintaining normal muscle function, normal bones and teeth, and normal calcium levels.

Vitamin K contributes to the maintenance of bones and has an influence on blood clotting and function of the heart/blood vessels.

Naturtreu Sonnenfreund contains only three ingredients, is 100% vegan and free of unnecessary additives, animal testing and genetic engineering. Coconut oil (MCT fats) is important for the absorption of the two fat-soluble vitamins.

Recommended consumption

Depending on the recommended vitamin D amount from the results report, take 1 drop daily until the desired vitamin D level is reached.

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