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blue balanceยฎ DNA test - health, 47 DNA lifestyle components

blue balanceยฎ DNA test - health, 47 DNA lifestyle components

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Find out more about your predisposition with the blue balanceยฎ Nutri-Gene-Plus DNA test

  • 47 DNA lifestyle components
  • Simple sampling via cheek swab
  • ISO17025 certified European laboratory
  • Clear and useful results
  • Individual recommendations
Product information

Your DNA profile contains a lot of useful information that you can use to optimize your health. Your genes provide information about which fats you digest best, which vitamin requirements you need to pay particular attention to, what your biological sleep rhythm is and which form of exercise is best for you. The Nutri Gene+ DNA lifestyle test gives you insight into 47 different components and shows you how your body works. With this information, you can make adjustments to your lifestyle and diet if necessary. You can then use our blood tests to check whether these changes are having the desired effect on your blood.

Nutri-Gene DNA Lifestyle Test

Every person reacts differently to diet, exercise and stress. If you have insight into your genetic predisposition, you can use this information to optimize your lifestyle and diet. For example, you can use information from your DNA to find out that a low-calorie diet plan isn't right for you. You may also find that you need to regulate your caffeine consumption better, because caffeine has a greater effect on your blood pressure than other substances. The Nutri Gene Plus DNA test examines genes that influence, among other things, your weight, biological aging, the breakdown of substances, vitamin and mineral requirements and your muscle structure. You will also gain insight into your genetic predisposition to health risks related to the heart and blood vessels.

Knowing more about how your body works can help you identify areas that are causing you difficulty. As a preventative measure, you can change your lifestyle or diet. If you want to take a closer look at the current status of a blood value from the DNA lifestyle test, you can use our blood tests. With this result you can find out to what extent a possible risk based on your genetic predisposition is an acute focus for you at the moment.

The result

The result of a Nutri-Gene Plus test

After you have taken and returned the DNA test, you will receive your report in a secure email after five weeks. This report is a comprehensive document with each chapter covering one of the 47 lifestyle components of DNA testing. In each chapter there is more information on the topic, you will read your results and find out exactly what your results mean. You will then receive a series of personal lifestyle tips that are tailored to your test result. All of this information will help you not only know your results, but also what they mean for your health.

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Erschließen Sie mit ETH Meditec Ihre ideale Ernährungsstrategie - ohne Unsicherheiten!

Unser genbasierter Ansatz enthüllt Ihre Neigung zu Übergewicht, dominierende Sättigungssignale und die Effizienz Ihres Fettstoffwechsels durch fundierte genetische Daten. Wir schöpfen aus der Wissenschaft hinter metabolischen Markern, um Ihnen eine Diät zu bieten, die genetisch auf Sie abgestimmt ist.

Nutzen Sie die Leichtigkeit des blue balance DNA-Gentests von zu Hause aus – ein einfacher Speicheltest gibt Ihnen Einblick in sechs Hauptgene, die Ihr Gewichtsmanagement und die Stoffwechselvorgänge beeinflussen. Identifizieren Sie Ernährung und Bewegung, die optimal zu Ihrem genetischen Profil passen.

Stoffwechselgen-Analyse mit Spitzentechnologie

Nutzen Sie die fortschrittliche Biotechnologie direkt von zu Hause aus zur Analyse. Der blue balance® Stoffwechsel Test ist eine wissenschaftsbasierte Lösung, die ohne Praxisbesuch oder Wartezeiten auf Termine auskommt.

ETH Meditec Gen-Diät-Analyse:

Sobald Ihre DNA analysiert ist, stellt ETH Meditec einen umfassenden Ergebnisbericht bereit. Über App oder Website abrufbar, erfahren Sie, wie Ihre genetische Verfassung Gewichtsmanagement beeinflusst, einschließlich Empfehlungen für Sport und Ernährung, die zu Ihrem Muskelfasertyp passen.