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blue balanceยฎ DNA test - metabolism, 16 DNA lifestyle components

blue balanceยฎ DNA test - metabolism, 16 DNA lifestyle components

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Insight into your predisposition with the blue balanceยฎ Basic-Gene lifestyle test

  • 16 DNA lifestyle components
  • Simple sampling via cheek swab
  • ISO17025 certified European laboratory
  • Clear and useful results
  • Individual recommendations
Product information

Nowadays, many people struggle with excessive body weight. However, not every diet plan is suitable for losing a few pounds. Each person has a unique genetic code that comes with unique nutritional recommendations. For this reason, a personalized nutrition plan based on your genetic makeup is two to three times more effective than a standard diet. Every Basic Gene DNA test combines information about your genes with personal advice, of course with the appropriate scientific background. Insight into your DNA gives you the ability to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits to what is best for your body.

Basic Gene DNA Test

Why does one gain weight and the other doesn't, even though they maintain exactly the same diet? The effect of carbohydrates on your body, the extent to which you are able to avoid the yo-yo effect, and your reaction to saturated fats are some examples of information that a DNA test can provide. Numerous genes can be responsible for obesity. Basic-Gene's DNA test only includes the genes that are most reliable and have the greatest influence on our weight. For example, the MC4R gene determines the extent to which our appetite is regulated and the APOA2 gene determines how our body reacts to the intake of saturated fats. Having a favorable or unfavorable variant of these genes determines the extent to which we are susceptible to obesity. For example, people with an unfavorable variant of the FTO gene are up to three times more prone to weight gain when consuming too many carbohydrates than people who do not have this variant.

If you are at risk of becoming overweight, a personalized diet plan based on your DNA can help with weight control or weight loss. The Basic-Gene DNA Lifestyle Test gives you, among other things, information about your predisposition to achieve or maintain an ideal body weight, your metabolism and your personal vitamin and mineral requirements.

The result

The result of a basic gene test

After you take and return the DNA test, you will receive your report in a secure email after five weeks. This report is a comprehensive document with each chapter covering one of the 16 lifestyle components of DNA testing. In each chapter there is more information on the topic, you will read your results and find out exactly what your results mean. You will then receive a series of personal lifestyle tips that are tailored to your test result. All of this information will help you not only know your results, but also what they mean for your health.

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Erschließen Sie mit ETH Meditec Ihre ideale Ernährungsstrategie - ohne Unsicherheiten!

Unser genbasierter Ansatz enthüllt Ihre Neigung zu Übergewicht, dominierende Sättigungssignale und die Effizienz Ihres Fettstoffwechsels durch fundierte genetische Daten. Wir schöpfen aus der Wissenschaft hinter metabolischen Markern, um Ihnen eine Diät zu bieten, die genetisch auf Sie abgestimmt ist.

Nutzen Sie die Leichtigkeit des blue balance DNA-Gentests von zu Hause aus – ein einfacher Speicheltest gibt Ihnen Einblick in sechs Hauptgene, die Ihr Gewichtsmanagement und die Stoffwechselvorgänge beeinflussen. Identifizieren Sie Ernährung und Bewegung, die optimal zu Ihrem genetischen Profil passen.

Einfache und bequeme Probenentnahme zu Hause:

Mit dem blue balance® Stoffwechsel Test erhalten Sie eine detaillierte Anleitung zur Probenahme, die Sie leicht und unkompliziert in Ihrem eigenen Zuhause durchführen können.

ETH Meditec's personalisierter DNA-Report:

Ihr ETH Meditec Report nach einer Speichel-DNA-Analyse verrät, wie Ihre Gene Ihr Körpergewicht und Sättigungsgefühl beeinflussen. Damit können Sie Ihre Ernährung und Ihr Workout-Regime optimal gestalten, unterstützt durch fundierte Gesundheitsinformationen.