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blue balanceยฎ allergy test Pro - precise analysis for 295 allergens

blue balanceยฎ allergy test Pro - precise analysis for 295 allergens

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The blue balanceยฎ Allergy Test Pro examines your blood for 295 different allergens, including pollen, food and animal hair.

The blue balanceยฎ Allergy Test Pro examines your blood for 295 different allergens, including pollen, food and animal hair.

Get a detailed analysis of your allergic reactions and valuable tips on how to deal with them. Also suitable for children. Test yourself from the comfort of your own home and protect yourself from allergic reactions to make your life more comfortable.

Many people suffer from allergies without knowing it. Often the symptoms are not severe or the triggering allergens occur rarely.

However, there is always the risk of an allergic reaction as soon as you come into contact with the corresponding allergen. In order to protect yourself effectively and make life more pleasant, it is important to know your allergies exactly and avoid possible triggers.

The blue balanceยฎ allergy tests offer you the opportunity to precisely determine your allergies - including their type and severity. With our comprehensive test you will receive a precise analysis of your allergic reactions. We will also give you valuable tips on how you can best deal with your allergies and avoid allergic reactions.

This also applies to children, because our test also helps to find out allergies in children. Our complete allergy blood test examines your blood for a total of 295 different allergens. Not only pollen and grass are tested, but also food, animal hair, insect poison, latex and mold. A detailed list of all tested allergens can be found in the โ€œBiomarkersโ€ section. With this comprehensive analysis, you can find out exactly whether and to what extent you are having an allergic reaction from the comfort of your own home.

Discover the world of allergies now with the blue balanceยฎ Allergy Test Pro and take your health into your own hands. Protect yourself from allergic reactions and make your life more pleasant.

Test yourself for 295 different allergens Find out more about your allergies and the risk of an allergic reaction Test from the comfort of your own home Comprehensive results report, clearly presented


    Allergen code Allergen source
    Tree pollen
    t19 acacia
    t226 Arizona cypress
    t215 birch
    t216 birch
    t225 birch
    t300 beech
    t105 Date palm
    t100 alder
    t101 alder
    t25 Ash
    t103 Ash
    t304 Tree of heaven
    t4 hazel
    t102 hazel
    t303 Japanese cedar
    t71 Mulberry tree
    t224 olive
    t240 olive
    t305 Paper mulberry
    t14 poplar
    t241 plane
    t301 plane
    t302 plane
    t8 elm
    t10 walnut
    t63 cedar
    t222 cypress
    Grass pollen
    g17 Bahia grass
    g2 Dogtooth grass
    g216 Dogtooth grass
    g205 Timothy grass
    g206 Timothy grass
    g215 Timothy grass
    g209 Timothy grass
    g210 Timothy grass
    g212 Timothy grass
    g12 rye
    g7 reed
    g100 Ryegrass
    Herb pollen
    w14 amaranth
    w6 mugwort
    w231 mugwort
    w233 mugwort
    w301 Marigold
    w20 Nettle
    w21 Glassweed
    w211 Glassweed
    w302 hemp
    w300 Hemp (CBD)
    w11 Saltwort
    w232 Saltwort
    w9 Ribwort plantain
    w234 Ribwort plantain
    w1 Ragweed
    w230 Ragweed
    w300 Ragweed
    w10 White goosefoot
    w100 White goosefoot
    Mites & cockroaches
    d70 Acarus siro
    d100 American house dust mite
    d101 American house dust mite
    i206 American cockroach
    i300 American cockroach
    d300 Blomia tropicalis
    d301 Blomia tropicalis
    d302 Blomia tropicalis
    i100 German cockroach
    i101 German cockroach
    i102 German cockroach
    i103 German cockroach
    i301 German cockroach
    d202 European house dust mite
    d203 European house dust mite
    d103 European house dust mite
    d104 European house dust mite
    d205 European house dust mite
    d102 European house dust mite
    d303 European house dust mite
    d304 European house dust mite
    d209 European house dust mite
    d105 Glycyphagus domesticus
    d305 Lepidoglyphus Destroyer
    d72 Tyrophagus putrescentiae
    d306 Tyrophagus putrescentiae
    Scales & Epithelia
    e301 Djungarian hamster
    e101 Dog
    e102 Dog
    e221 Dog
    e302 Dog
    e303 Dog
    e304 Dog
    e308 Dog urine โ™‚, (incl. Can f 5)
    e309 Rabbits
    e310 Rabbits
    e311 Rabbits
    e94 Cat
    e220 Cat
    e228 Cat
    e300 Cat
    e103 Mouse
    e305 Guinea pig
    e227 Horse
    e306 Horse
    e307 Horse
    e73 rat
    e100 bark
    e81 sheep
    e83 Pig
    e80 Goat
    Mold and yeast fungi
    m229 Alternaria alternata
    m230 Alternaria alternata
    m218 Aspergillus fumigatus
    m220 Aspergillus fumigatus
    m221 Aspergillus fumigatus
    m222 Aspergillus fumigatus
    m2 Cladosporium herbarum
    m100 Cladosporium herbarum
    y2 Malassezia sympodialis
    y3 Malassezia sympodialis
    y5 Malassezia sympodialis
    m1 Penicilium chrysogenum
    Insect poisons
    i70 fire ant
    i3 Common wasp
    i211 Common wasp
    i209 Common wasp
    i1 honey bee
    i208 honey bee
    i217 honey bee
    i25 Long-headed wasp
    i4 Paper wasp
    i210 Paper wasp
    f75 Chicken egg yolk
    f510 Chicken egg yolk
    f1 chicken egg white
    f232 chicken egg white
    f233 chicken egg white
    f323 chicken egg white
    k208 chicken egg white
    f506 Camel milk
    f2 Cow's milk
    f76 Cow's milk
    f77 Cow's milk
    f78 Cow's milk
    f325 Sheep milk
    f286 Mare's milk
    f300 goat milk
    f526 crickets