Register self-test

1. Taking the sample

It is very important that you follow the sampling instructions carefully. All the details we describe are important to obtain a suitable sample. The instructions for this can be found in the sampling kit. You can also download this as a PDF:

Instructions blue balance ยฉ blood test with 1 sample tube ยป
Instructions blue balance ยฉ blood test with 2 sample tubes ยป
  • Please note: The colors and the number of tubes in the test kits may vary depending on the test!
Instructions blue balance ยฉ Saliva tests ยป
Instructions blue balance ยฉ OMEGA 3 analysis ยป

    2. Registering your sample

    Registering your test is quick and easy. Without registration, your sample cannot be examined. Depending on the test, you will receive the result of the test within 6 - 14 days of receiving your sample in the laboratory. We will send you your result (secured) to the email address you provided when registering.

    Please fill out all fields carefully and complete the entry using the โ€œSubmitโ€ button.