Vitamin für das Immunsystem. Das wichtigste Vitamin für Körper und Geist

Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because we are able to produce it ourselves with the help of UV rays.
Nevertheless, many men and even more women are well below the recommended values ​​because the help of the sun is often not enough to optimize our vitamin D levels and counteract a deficiency. One in three Germans has a vitamin D deficiency. A healthy vitamin D level is important for the immune system and the proper functioning of the muscles.

When does a vitamin D deficiency occur?

This test measures the amount of vitamin D 25-hydroxy in your blood. The Normal value for vitamin D is set at 50 nmol/l. At a lower concentration there is a deficiency. Ideally, the vitamin D value is higher than 80 nmol/l. The vitamin D blood level can also be higher than the permissible upper limit. A concentration of more than 210 nmol/l can cause long-term damage to health. After a long time, this can lead to damage, for example to the kidneys and blood vessels. High vitamin D levels are usually not very common. In most cases, an increased value is caused by too much intake, for example through dietary supplements.

For which symptoms does it make sense to test vitamin D?

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to the following symptoms

  • fatigue
  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • listlessness
  • Hypersensitive or bleeding gums
  • Cramps or muscle tremors

If older people suffer from a deficiency over a longer period of time, this can lead to osteoporosis or muscle weakness in the long term. Symptoms of low vitamin D levels can vary from person to person. If you recognize one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, a vitamin D test is useful to know whether there is a deficiency.

Vitamin D 1,25-Dihydroxy versus Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy

Vitamin D occurs in your body in two different forms: 1,25-dihydroxyamine and 25-hydroxy. Vitamin D 1.25 is the active form of vitamin D that can be used by the body for various processes such as the absorption of calcium and phosphate from food. Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy is the inactive form and is converted into the active form by the body as needed. This form actually serves as a reserve that the body can draw from when needed.

We recommend:

Vitamin D3

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Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus, the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, muscle activity and the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin D test

The vitamin D test gives you insight into your vitamin D levels

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